Default system roles and their permissions

You can assign the following default system roles with their defined permissions to users:

  • Superuser—full system access with all permissions enabled (except for Product Keys and Subscription Management)
  • Administrator—system access to most features except user management and billing information
  • Standard—system access with mixed permissions; mostly concerned with viewing items and using features
  • Client— basic system access with permissions for specific Client management and view options

If the default system roles don't meet you needs, you can create your own roles.

If you create a new role based on the Superuser, Administrator, or Standard system roles you can edit all of the permissions, except the Security permission that is for Superuser only, and for Subscription Management Portal that can't be edited for Standard roles.

If you create a new role based on the Client system role, you are limited in the permissions you can edit. To find permissions you can edit for the Client, see the items marked as Optional in the Client: Custom Options column of the following tables.

Expand the following sections to view the default permissions for each default system role:

To avoid exposure of customer details to other clients, it is imperative that Client Dashboard logins are used with Client Groups to ensure the customer can only view their own devices and information, rather than other client details.

To avoid inadvertently revealing customer information, we recommend you log into the Client Dashboard with the customer login before distributing the credentials to the customer to verify they can only view their own details.