Device Monitoring using Checks

After the Agent installs on a device, the device displays on the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, you can proactively monitor devices using 24x7 Checks and Daily Safety Checks.

24x7 Checks

  • 24x7 Checks run periodically through the day
  • You can configure the frequency when 24x7 Checks run
  • 24x7 Checks run on servers and workstations
  • For more information about 24x7 Checks for each operating system, see: Windows, Mac, Linux

Daily Safety Checks

  • A Daily Safety Check runs once daily. You can configure the hour the Daily Safety Check runs or use the default times of 06:00 for servers and 10:00 for workstations. These default times allow workstations to update their antivirus definition files and perform other tasks before running the Checks.
  • Daily Safety Checks run based on the local time of the device
  • We recommend you run Daily Safety Checks before reports are scheduled so you will have a full picture of all data and avoid error messages
  • To avoid false positives, we recommend you run Daily Safety Checks after any automated tasks are complete
  • For more information about Daily Safety Checks for each operating system, see: Windows, Mac, Linux

For the generic steps to add, edit, or delete checks, see Dashboard 24x7 and DSC Check Configuration .

For information about how our customers use groups of checks, see Monitoring Toolsets.

In addition to the Check failure condition, a Check also fails if the targeted component is not present on the device. For example, running a Backup Check for Veeam, when the device is running Cove Data Protection (Cove).

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