24x7 Checks - Mac Agent

This section covers the 24x7 Checks that are available in the latest Mac Agent:

24x7 Frequency (Minutes) Agent support
5 | 15 | 30 | 60 | 120 From Mac Agent 2.1.0
30 | 60 | 120 From Mac Agent 2.0
30 | 60 From Mac Agent 0.8.0

24x7 Frequency Behavior: Mac Agent 2.1.0

When selecting a 5 or 15 minute frequency, the Mac Agent synchronizes with the Dashboard every 30 minutes to upload results, retrieve updated settings etc.

For 5 or 15 minute frequencies, every time a Check runs a comparison is made with its previous result.

Where a change is detected, this is immediately communicated back to the Dashboard (please note that only the results are uploaded, this does not trigger a full synchronization).

If there is no change, the Check results are uploaded during the next synchronization cycle.