Delete a Check

You can remove Checks that are no longer required using the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

  1. Log into the N-sight RMM Dashboard as a user with the 24x7 & Daily Safety Checks permissions enabled
  2. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane, select the device
  3. In the South-pane Checks tab, select the target Check
  4. Click the Check drop-down and select Delete Check

  5. Enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm removal

  6. Review the removal information then click OK to delete

When you confirm the deletion of a Check, the Check is immediately removed from the N-sight RMM Dashboard. The deletion is communicated to the Agent the next time it reports in and the Check is erased from the Agent's configuration file.

If a Check was installed by a feature, it is protected from deletion. For a list of features and the Checks they automatically install, see Feature Checks.