Asset Inventory

The Asset Inventory is new and we'd love your feedback! Click Share Feedback at the top of the Asset Inventory to help us prioritize future updates.

The Asset Inventory enables you to view, filter, search, and export asset data for servers and workstations.

  • Filter the Asset Inventory by columns or use the more detailed Filter Builder options.
  • Search for a specific device using the search box or use the column searches to find groups of devices.
  • Choose the columns to display, drag and drop columns to move, and fix columns to the right or left.

The last filters and settings you use in Asset Inventory are present the next time you open it, and you can select Clear in the top right to reset to the default Asset Inventory view.

From the Asset Inventory, you can perform the following tasks:

Build complex filters for Asset Inventory   View customized device views in the North-pane
Export Asset Inventory to Excel   Add a Device

Open the Asset Inventory

  1. In N-sight RMM, click the Dashboards menu icon in the vertical menu
  2. Select Asset Inventory
  3. The Asset Inventory is also available from the North-pane.

Asset Inventory Layout

The Asset Inventory is Client Group aware. It only displays assets assigned to you.