View customized device views in the North-pane

After you search and filter the Asset Inventory to create the device lists you need, you can view the devices in the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane.

For example, you can group devices by asset data such as serial number, IP address, manufacture, and processor, and then view that group of devices in the North-pane. You can also use the Asset Inventory to list devices in the North-pane by device model and apply a check or task to that set of devices.

View your customized device lists in the North-pane

  1. In N-sight RMM, click the Dashboards menu icon in the vertical menu
  2. Select Asset Inventory
  3. The Asset Inventory is also available from the North-pane.

  4. Filter the Asset Inventory so the devices you want are listed. For more information about filtering, see Build complex filters for Asset Inventory and Asset Inventory.
  5. Select View devices in North-pane

The North-pane displays showing the devices that are in your Asset Inventory view.

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