Export Asset Inventory

After you filter and sort the Asset Inventory to create the device lists you need, you can export the data to Microsoft Excel. For example, you can use the filters to produce customer-specific device lists to help identify older or underpowered devices, and then export that specific data to Microsoft Excel.

You can export all the data from your device list or export only the data from the columns you choose.

Export your customized Asset Inventory list to Microsoft Excel

  1. In N-sight RMM, click the Dashboards menu icon in the vertical menu
  2. Select Asset Inventory
  3. Use the charts and table options to filter, sort, and arrange the Asset Inventory so the devices you want are listed with the columns you need. For more information about filtering and sorting, see Filter Asset Inventory and Build complex filters for Asset Inventory
  4. Select the export icon and choose to export the list with all the column data included or with only the column data for the columns you selected in the column chooser.

Your customized device list is saved as a Microsoft Excel worksheet in your regular downloads folder.

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