Add a device

To quickly add a device to the All Devices view, you can use Add Device to create a one-click Remote Worker installer package for a target Client and Site. When the installer package runs on a device, it adds the device to the target Client and Site on the All Devices view.

For example, end users could run the install package on their devices, or a script could run it on many devices, to add devices to the All Devices view.

To add a device by creating a Remote Worker installer package:

You must have a user role with Site Installation Package permission.

  1. On the All Devices view, go to Agent > Add Device.

    The Add a Device wizard displays.

    The Add Device option is also available in the File menu, the North-pane, the Overview dashboard and the Device Inventory.

  2. Select the target Client and Site.
  3. Select the Device OS for the installer package.
  4. For the Windows OS option, you can also select Network uses Proxy Server and enter the Address, Port, Username, and Password (optional).
  5. Click Next.

    After the installer package .zip file downloads, you can copy it and then run the .exe file on as many devices as required. After installation on a device, the device automatically displays in the All Devices view after a few moments.

    If a device is not enrolled in Device Management for Apple , you must Enable Accessibility and Full Disk Access permissions for rmmagent for that device.

  6. Click Finish to return to the All Devices view.
  7. To avoid authentication issues, if the username or password used to create the installer package changes, we recommend you generate and use a new package based on the updated credentials.