Roles and Permissions

Custom roles are created and managed though the Roles and Permissions dialog accessible from Settings, Users on the Dashboard.

This dialog, along with the other items in the Users menu, is available when logged into the Dashboard under an account with enhanced permissions: Superuser, Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled) role or a custom role with the Users permissions configured.

The Roles and Permissions dialog lists the currently configured roles in the left panel with the associated permissions of the selected role in the right panel. To ease navigation through the right panel, permissions are divided into functional sections with further logical groupings for related options: Users (User Accounts | Rules & Permissions | Client Groups) etc.

rp_settings_drop rp_main_dialog

Custom Roles

Custom roles are created in the Roles and Permissions dialog and are based on either a System Role (Add Role) or custom role (Clone Role) which acts as the permissions template.

Regardless of the method used to create the new role, Add Role or Clone Role, once the role is created its permissions may be tweaked in the right panel.

As requirements change over time and some roles may no longer be required, they may easily be deleted from the Roles and Permissions dialog.

Resize the Roles and Permissions dialog

To manually resize the Roles and Permissions workspace, place the cursor on the edge of the dialog and use the grab arrows to expand or contract the frame. To increase the Roles and Permissions workspace to fill the browser window click on the maximize button, to subsequently return the dialog to its starting size click the restore button. Within the dialog itself the panel sizes may be varied by placing the cursor on the panel divider then moving it right or left.