Delete Custom Role

Where a custom role is no longer required it may be removed from the Dashboard though the Roles and Permissions dialog accessible from Settings > Users.

  1. Mark a role for removal by clicking on the Delete Role trashcan icon.
  2. As a visual indicator of the pending removal state the Name, Based on and Users columns associated with the Role contain a strikethrough and the trashcan icon changes to Undelete Role client_groups_undelete
  3. To deselect a role (only available before pressing Save) click on the Undelete role icon.
  4. When satisfied with the selection click Save to delete the selected Roles and enter the password of the account you have logged onto the Dashboard under to confirm removal.

Where a role is currently assigned to a user it is unavailable for deletion. In this case it is necessary to disassociate the user with the role through the Settings > Users > User Accounts dialog and simply change their Role from the drop-down then Save to apply. Once complete return to the Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions to delete the role.

System Roles are not available for deletion.