Edit Custom Role

Once created it may be necessary to revisit a custom role to change its name and amend the permissions, either individually or re-assign en-masse through its Based on System Role.

Custom roles are managed though the Roles and Permissions dialog accessible from Settings, Users on the Dashboard.

Select the role in the left panel of the Roles and Permissions dialog to change the Name and Based on role:


Click within the Name field and enter the name the role will appear under in both the Roles and Permissions and Users dialogs.

Based on

Where the role's permissions are to change en-masse, the associated System Role may be changed from the Based on drop-down and acts as the new permissions template. Choose the System Role which most closely reflects the permissions requirements.

There are four System Roles available from the Based on drop-down:

  • Superuser
  • Standard
  • Administrator
  • Client



Tick the Allow or Deny radio in the right panel to changes the permissions associated with the role.

After changing the settings click Save to apply.

Where a role is currently in use, any permission based changes are applied the next time the user logs in.