Edit a role

You can edit a role to update the name, base role, and permissions. You can't edit default system roles.


  • To edit a role, you must be signed into N-sight RMM using an Agent Key, a Superuser role, or a user with the Roles & Permissions permission enabled.

Edit a role that is not a default system role

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions
  2. Click the role you want to edit (it highlights in blue)
  3. Click in the Name column to edit the name for the role (optional)

    Name and base role edits are indicated by a red triangle in the corner of the field. Permission edits are indicated with a pink background.

  4. Click in the Based on column to change the base role you want to use as a permissions template (optional)

    If you change the base role, all permissions reset to the selected base role permissions.

  5. Modify the permissions by selecting or deselecting the radio button for each permission. For a description of each permission, hover over the permission or see Default system roles and their permissions.

    If a role is currently in use, permission changes are applied the next time the user logs in.

    You can edit permissions in bulk using the groups or subgroups.

  6. Click Save