Install the Site Installation Package over a network

You can deploy the Windows Agent over an Active Directory network using the Group Policy Site Installation Package.

You have the following options when you install software using Group Policy:

Choice Description
Assign Silently installs software per-computer when the computer starts or per-user when the user logs on.

We recommend Assign, combined with the per-machine Computer Configuration option because it does not require user interaction— regardless of who logs in, the Agent is installed the next time the computer restarts.

Publish Adds software to the Add/Remove Programs list. The user decides whether to install. Publish is not available for computer based configurations.

To install the Windows Agent using Group Policy with our recommended Assign option, follow these steps:

  1. Create the Site Installation Package via the Dashboard
  2. Create and Share the Software Distribution Point Folder
  3. Create and Link the Group Policy Object via the Group Policy Management Console OR Create the Group Policy Object via Active Directory Users and Computers
  4. Deploy the Agent via Group Policy

To manage the Windows agent using Group Policy:

Click here to review a Microsoft article covering software installation via Group Policy.

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