Create and Share the Software Distribution Point Folder

To allow the installer to retrieve the required files, it is necessary to create and share the software distribution point folder with read permissions.

In the following example, the software distribution point folder is called, NetworkInstaller, in the default Agent installation directory:

Create Folder

  1. On the device from which you plan to share the files, install the Agent on the device, if it is not already installed
  2. Go to the Agent installation directory, C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent or C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent
  3. Right-click anywhere in the directory and select New > Folder and enter the name, NetworkInstaller

Share Folder

  1. Right-click the new NetworkInstaller folder
  2. Select Properties, Sharing and Security or Share with
  3. Under the Sharing tab tick the Share button or Share this Folder radio (can be under Advanced Sharing)
  4. Select Permissions to allow the required computers at least Read access to the folder

Unpack the Site Installation Package

  1. Copy the Site Installation Package to NetworkInstaller folder
  2. Unpack the files so the folder contains an agent.msi and file

Next, go to Create and Link the Group Policy Object via the Group Policy Management Console or Create the Group Policy Object via Active Directory Users and Computers


The sharing options and dialogs described above are Operating System dependent.

Sharing and Security Permissions

Permissions may be applied to computer objects individually or as a members of groups when deploying via the suggested Computer Configuration method. Where the User Configuration method is used the permissions may be applied per user.

Share Verification

To check the shared folder is remotely accessible, type the folder name (for example: \\SERVER\NetworkInstaller ) in the Start/Run dialogue box from a remote computer with permission to access the share. Where successful, the NetworkInstaller folder contents are displayed.