Daily Safety Checks - Windows Agent

This section provides information on the Daily Safety Checks (DSC) available for Windows computers. These steps focus on managing the Checks from the Dashboard (recommended method), depending on the Check there is also the option to manage it from the Agent (legacy).

Daily Safety Checks Server mode Workstation mode
Antivirus Update Check Yes Yes
Backup Check Yes Yes
Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check Yes Yes
Critical Events Check Yes Yes
Drive Space Change Check Yes Yes
Event Log Check Yes Yes
Exchange Store Size Check Yes No
File Size Check Yes Yes
Failed Login Check Yes Yes
Managed Antivirus Checks Yes Yes
Patch Status Check Yes Yes
Physical Disk Health Check Yes Yes
Script Check Yes Yes
SNMP Check No Yes
Web Protection Bandwidth Check Yes Yes
WSUS Check Yes No

Daily Safety Check Defaults

Daily Safety Checks run on the configured hour.

The default times are 06:00 for servers and 10:00 for workstations. This allows workstations to update their antivirus definition files and perform other tasks before running the Checks.

Daily Safety Checks run based on the local time of the computer the Agent is installed on.