24x7 Checks - Windows Agent

This section provides information on the 24x7 Checks available for Windows devices. These steps focus on managing the checks from the N-sight RMM Dashboard(recommended method), depending on the check there is also the option to manage it from the Agent (legacy).

24x7 Checks Server mode Workstation mode
Bandwidth Monitoring Check Yes No
Disk Space Check Yes Yes
Event Log Check Yes Yes
File Size Check Yes Yes
Performance Monitoring Check Yes Yes
PING Check Yes No
Script Check Yes Yes
SNMP Check Yes Yes
TCP Service Check Yes Yes
Web Page Check Yes Yes
Windows Service Check Yes Yes

24x7 Check Frequency

Device type Frequency option (Minutes)
Server 5 | 15 | 30 | 60 | 120
Workstation 5 | 15 | 30 | 60 | 120

When you select five or 15-minute monitoring for a workstation, the Agent synchronizes with the N-sight RMM Dashboard based on the selected frequency to upload results, retrieve Automated Task and feature deployment settings and so on.

If you are using the five or 15-minute frequencies, a comparison with its previous result is made every time a check runs. If a change is detected, it is immediately reported to the N-sight RMM Dashboard (only the results are uploaded and a full synchronization is not triggered). If no change is detected, the check results are uploaded during the next synchronization upload cycle.

The Windows Agent runs and uploads checks in batches, as such the time-stamp reported in the Date/Time column of the N-sight RMM Dashboard may differ between checks running at the same frequency.