Web Protection

Web Protection is supported on Windows devices only. Web Protection does not support IPv6.

Web Protection enables you to deliver web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring for your customers using the N-sight RMM Dashboard. Web Protection is installed on monitored devices and provides full visibility of programmatic and browser based online activity, including incognito sessions. You can monitor websites visited, the categories and reputations of websites, and web bandwidth consumption.

User access to configure, use, and view Web Protection is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.

To get started with Web Protection:

  1. Review the Web Protection Requirements
  2. Configure Web Protection Policies
    • Web Protection Policies control all aspects of Web Protection
    • You can use the default policies and configure your own custom policies
    • You can choose to display a taskbar icon, with notifications, on monitored devices to notify users that Web Protection is running
  3. Enable Web Protection and assign Policy
    • You enable Web Protection where you want it. You can deploy it for all your clients on every server and workstation, you can deploy it for selected clients or sites, or you can deploy it on individual devices.
    • When you enable Web Protection, you assign the Protection Policy you need for that specific case

To use Web Protection for monitoring, you can:

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