TaskBar Icon

Web Protection displays a taskbar icon on the monitored device, which makes the customer aware that Web Protection is running on their device (which may be a legal requirement in some territories) and provides a notification when a URL is blocked along with the ability to view (and) clear any Web Protection Notifications from their Web Protection console.

The Show Taskbar Icon and Show Notifications settings are configured under the Policy's General settings and where enabled will display a notification when a website is blocked and may occur both when a website the user is visiting in a browser is blocked (this is in addition to the browser's Block Page message) as well as when a programmatically accessed website is blocked.

The "Network Traffic Blocked" notification includes the option to Click for more details which opens the Web Protection agent's Web Protection Notifications console; the console may also be opened by clicking on the taskbar icon.

The Web Protection Notifications console lists information on the blocked Domains in the left panel, along with the option to sort alphabetically and Clear All notifications from the console view (these blocked domains will still appear in the Dashboard).

Click on a domain to display the returned Block Page, this may be particularly useful where the block message contains information on the URL, Name of applied policy rule, the Name of category (if known) and Website reputation score (if known) as it will allow the user to determine the reason of the blockage; especially where a program rather than browser URL was blocked.

To configure the Block Page go to the Policy's General settings and amend the message as required.

Example of Block Page, TaskBar icon and Notification


Example System Tray Notification