Web Protection Overview Report

The Web Protection Overview Report, displays information on the websites visited by specific clients and sites down to those accessed from individual devices.

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Web Protection Reports
  3. Web Protection Overview Report
  4. Configure the Report options:
  5. Option



    Specify Client


    All Sites or specify Site


    All Devices or specify Device

    Start Date

    Date the report begins

    End Date

    Date the report ends (must be within 33 days of the Start Date)


    Information contained in the Report


    All Activity, Web Security, Web Filtering, Web Bandwidth

    10 most: Active Devices, Visited Categories and Visited Websites

    Web Security

    Blocked Requests By Category, Web Security by Device, Web Security by Category, Web Security by URL (Top 100)

    Web Filtering

    Web Requests, Web Filtering by Device, Web Filtering by Category, Web Filtering by URL (Top 100)

    Web Bandwidth

    Web Bandwidth, Web Bandwidth by Device, Web Bandwidth by Category, Web Bandwidth by URL (Top 100)

  6. Click Generate to view the report

An example of the type of information and layout of the Web Protection Overview Report is available here.Details of the type of data returned from Web Protection covered in the FAQs section.

Note; We are aware that due to data privacy considerations you may prefer not to display the visited URLs in the Web tab or Web Protection Reports for your clients. If this is the case please contact your N-sight RMM account manager who will disable this option and display anonymized data for your account. In certain regions, the URL data is turned off by default in accordance with local privacy laws.

To download a copy of this report locally, use the browser's export options if installed (for example, print to PDF). Once downloaded you can send the report to your customer if required.