Web Protection Character and Address Mapping

This section provides additional information on the character mapping details for complex address mappings used when entering a URL in the Web Protection Whitelist or Blacklist.

  • Any character other than * is explicitly checked for a match
  • Paths and query string parameters are supported
  • * matches any sequence of any character
  • Web Protection checks for the pattern in any part of the full URL
  • Web Protection checks both HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • All trailing slashes in either the visited site or the URL in the policy are ignored

The following table shows sample URLs that match or do not match the URL added to the Whitelist or the Blacklist:

Key Description
Sample URL matches the URL added to the Whitelist or the Blacklist
Sample URL does not match the URL added to the Whitelist or the Blacklist
URL added to the
Whitelist or Blacklist
Sample URLs
google.com www.google.com maps.google.com google.com/imghp www.google.com/?q=