The use of a Blacklist complements category based selections by always allowing access to the specified URLs regardless of their categorization.

Individual URLs

A single website may be blocked by clicking on Add and in the Add BlacklistURL dialog enter its URL

If manually adding a URL it can be useful to view its categorizationand reputation before submitting to the list with this information returned (where known) by clicking on the magnifying glass button.

This displays the Categorized as details along with its Reputation - Trustworthy, Low Risk, Moderate, Suspicious, High Risk.

Based on this information if the user believes the website is miscategorized there is the facility to Report categorization error to update the records.

When satisfied the entered URL is correct, click the green tick button to add the URL to the list and clear the URL field ready for the entry of another URL.

Either add further addresses to the list or click Save to exit the dialog.

Bulk Import URLs

In addition to adding individual URLs we have included the option to bulk import a file containing all of the required URLs.

Simply create a file containing all of the URLs that are to be added to the list with one URL per line, then either select File and navigate to the files location or simply drag and Drop File Here in the dialog.

The file name appears against Select File then Save to apply.

This returns to the main dialog which lists all of the URLs along with the Date Modified.

Manage URLs

Once entered there may be a requirement to change or delete a URL from the list and this may be achieved by selecting the URL in the main window then going to Edit or Remove, then Save to apply.

Dashboard Web Tab - Add to Blacklist

Depending on configuration, the Website section of the Web tab of the Dashboard lists all of the discovered URLs. To quickly and easily block one of these URLs simply select the URL, from the Actions drop-down select Add to Blacklistand choose the target policies in Select Policies. Save to apply.

Further information on this action is available from: Web Tab - Whitelist and Blacklist Actions

Supported URL and IP Address Formats

Please note that regardless of the method used to enter the URL, either individual or bulk, it must be in a valid format otherwise it will not match the URL and may be allowed:


Use three-part URL notation (x.x.x) for HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Please note, asterisk wildcards (*) are only supported at the start of the URL string.

Examples, or *

IP Address

Use four-part notation (x.x.x.x) for IP addresses.

To add a range of IP addresses use CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) or separate two IP addresses with a hyphen (-) to indicate a range.

Examples:, or

Visit Web Protection Character and Address Mapping for further details on the Web Protection character mapping details for complex address mappings.

Report categorization error

This option opens the URL Categorization Change Request page, with the URL field pre-populated with the Website entered in the Report categorization error section.

Before proceeding with the re-classification process we would suggest taking a moment to double-check the entered URL. We have provided some best practice suggestion when entering the URL below:

  • A leading http:// is not required.
  • A leading not required.
  • http::/yoursite.commay result in a classification review, but the automated system will not be able to respond if there is a typo in the URL entry.
  • Extraneous leading spaces or tabs may also prove problematic: ""
  • There is no need to enter all the URL variations. Just one generic example will suffice.

Once satisfied with the URL choose its new category, enter your Email Address for notifications regarding this change request and add any Comments/Integration notes up to a maximum of 200 characters.

Please be aware that due to processing of the request etc there may be a delay between submitting a categorization error and its implementation within Web Protection. For example, the re-classification process for a URL may take up to 48 hours to process once it is submitted.