Enable Web Protection and select Protection Policies

Web Protection deployment can be tailored to match your precise protection requirements, it may be deployed across the entire customer base on every Windows server or workstation, at selected Clients or Sites down to individual computers.

When configuring Web Protection choose the Protection Policy - this controls every aspect of Web Protection from the message displayed to a user when a website is blocked, when the user can access sites, management of the Whitelist and Blacklist to the information returned and displayed in the Dashboards and Reports. As such Web Protection is Policy driven and by default servers and workstations will inherit policy from site, which will in turn inherit from client, which will in turn inherit policies set for all servers and workstations.

Multiple Devices, Clients and Sites

Web Protection can be configured for all Servers and Workstations or servers and workstations at the specified Clients and Sites from the Settings menu, Web Protection, Settings.

Enable Web Protection from Settings, choose the required Protection Policy from the drop-down in the Server Policies or Workstation Polices section.

wp2_settings_drop wp2_protection_policies

Feature status indicators (colored dots) in the Settings dialog indicate if the feature is enabled or disabled at the entity level, and whether devices under an entity have the same settings:

  • Green - Feature or functionality enabled for all devices under that entity. This includes device level settings
  • Grey - Feature or functionality disabled on at least one device under that entity. This includes device level settings
  • Orange – One of the child entities has a different configuration to the parent. Where a Client only has one Site, its status indicator reflects that of the Site.

For more information on these states, see Feature and Functionality Settings Icons.

Individual Devices

For specific servers or workstations Web Protection can be enabled, or disabled, via the Web Protection tab of the Edit Device dialog, available from the Server or Workstation drop-down or by right-clicking on the device.

From here you can change the Setting as required - On, Off or Inherit and select the required policy (if applicable).

clip1325 wp_enable_one_one

Once enabled the Web Protection status is reported in the Agent Support Features section of the Summary tab as well as the Web Protection column, where Web Protection is selected in theColumns drop-down above the North-pane.

Web Protection is not available for Windows XP or earlier Operating Systems

Once installed Web Protection uploads information from the device on an hourly basis although, although any updates from the Dashboard (changes to the settings, policies etc) will be actioned the next time the Agent communicates with the Dashboard.

When enabling Web Protection use rerun Checks to initiate the installation process outside of the Check cycle.