Server Monitoring - Weekly Reports

The Server Client Weekly Report contains the Daily Safety Check results for each server (Windows and Linux) over the preceding week as well as the result from when the check last ran. In this Report the backup will appear on the day the Backup Check ran, rather than the day configured in the Check.

Only devices running Daily Safety Checks are included in this Report.

Manually Send Report

In addition to automatically sending the Reports, you can also manually send a Report from the Dashboard. For example send a sample Report after making changes to the Report's Mail Templates, or let the customer knows the problems are now resolved.

  1. Go to Reports > Client Reports > Server Monitoring > (Re)send Client Weekly Report
  2. Select the Client from the drop-down list
  3. Enter the recipient email address
  4. OK to send

Backup Check Handling

The Weekly Report reflects the status of the backup on the day it is configured to run in the Backup Check, rather than the day the Backup Check actually runs.

As we do not have the backup information for the day the Weekly Report is generated on (its Check will run the following day) the empty hourglass icon clip0413 is displayed against the Backup Check for the generation day.

In the below example the Backup Check is configured for Monday to Friday (so the Check actually runs Tuesday to Saturday) with the Report generated on Friday. As such the hourglass icon is used for Friday as its backup status when creating the Weekly Report is unknown (its Backup Check runs Saturday).

Check Suppression

As you may not wish to show information from when the Checks last ran in the Weekly Report, we have included two substitutions strings for use in the Mail Templates: suppress the last Check results for all Checks or only suppress the last results for the Backup Checks.



Report Iconography
Icon Status

Check Passed


Check Failed

check_cleared Check cleared on Dashboard - indicates that a failed check has been marked as cleared on the Dashboard

Check not scheduled for today - passed last time it ran


Check not scheduled for today - failed last time it ran


Data Overdue - the Daily Safety Check data was not received before the Report was generated


Check not scheduled for today


Undergoing Maintenance - Agent is Offline


Today's data not received