Clear a failed check

You can clear (acknowledge) a failed check on the All Devices view if you already investigated the issue it or it is a known issue. When you clear a failed check, its status displays on the All Devices view as a ticked orange circle,check_cleared, and it is removed from the Wall Chart on its next refresh.

Check clearing is enabled by default for 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks but you can Configure Check Clearing. You can also Configure notes prompt for check clearing to include the option to add a technical note or a client-facing note to explain why the Check is cleared.

Cleared checks are recorded in the Check Clearing Report and the User Audit Report. For more information, see Check Clearing reports.

To clear a failed check:

When you clear a failed check, the associated outage remains open until the next time the check passes.

  1. Sign into N-sight RMM using an account with Monitoring & Management: 24x7 & Daily Safety Checks Usage permission enabled
  2. On the All Devices view North-pane, select the device
  3. Select the tick box for the Check(s) in the South-pane Checks tab

    If Check Clearing is not enabled, the checkboxes for clearing failed checks do not display.

  4. Choice Save
    To clear the check and refresh the All Devices view Click Save and Refresh
    To clear the check and refresh only the South-pane Checks tab Click Save
  5. If the option is configured in the Check Clearing Policy, you can Set check clearing behavior:

    If you Keep check cleared until a specified date and time, the check remains cleared until one of the following events:
    - the check passes and the outage closes
    - the specified date and time is reached

  6. If the option is configured, you can enter a technical or client-facing note. If you are clearing multiple checks, the note(s) are added to each cleared check.
  7. Click OK to save and apply

    The check status changes to a ticked orange circle,check_cleared, and it stays in that state based on the check clearing behavior.

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