Client Weekly Reports Configuration

The Server Client Report Settings are configured in the Dashboard and configured from the Settings or individual Client menu.

Multiple Clients

To configure the Report for multiple Clients:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Client Reports
  3. Server Client Reports Settings.
  4. Select the Weekly Reports tab
  5. Enable the Report for the required Client(s)
  6. Enter the Mail to and CC to fields where required
  7. Schedule the Send on day and Send at time for the Report
  8. The Weekly Report contains the Daily Safety Check results for the day it sends on, so please ensure the Weekly Report is configured to run after these results are received

  9. Problem Handling allows you to specify how you wish Reports that contain one or more check failures to be handled:
    1. If problems found:
      1. Send to Client as usual

        Send to alternative email below

        Send to Client and alternative email below

        Send nothing

    2. Alternative e-mail: the email address Reports are routed to where an alternative email option is selected for If problems found
  10. OK to save and apply



Individual Clients

  1. Right-click the Client in the Client list and select Edit Client
  2. Server Client Report Settings
  3. Tick the box against Server Weekly Report to enable (untick to disable)
  4. Complete the email To: and CC: fields as well as the Send on day and Send at times
  5. OK to save and apply