Managed Antivirus

When you are using the latest Bitdefender release, macOS Monterey (macOS 12) is now fully supported by Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender).

Ensure you are using the latest Bitdefender release before you update to macOS Monterey on devices that use Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender).

As devices become increasingly interconnected and the number of threats in the wild exponentially increases, malware poses one of the largest security threats to every company. To combat these threats it is vital to ensure that each endpoint has antivirus protection. This is not only protect the specific computer, but by extension the whole network it connects to.

To meet endpoint protection requirements, we developed a Managed Antivirus solution deployed and managed directly from the dashboard. This solution is tailorable to meet your specific requirements, with the option to permit end-user interaction.

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) for Windows includes an optional feature named Disk Encryption Manager that enables you to encrypt your devices' disks to prevent unauthorized access to data on them, even if removed from the device.

To avoid the potential conflicts of one of more antivirus solutions running on one computer, Windows installations include the option to remove the current antivirus solution from the device (where supported).

Managed Antivirus Dashboard settings are only available when logged in as a user with Managed Antivirus privileges. Disk Encryption Manager settings are only available logged in as a user with Disk Encryption Manager privileges.

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