Managed Antivirus Reports

Three Managed Antivirus Reports are available from the Reports menu for Managed Antivirus, and a further 2 for Disk Encryption Manager.

Managed Antivirus Reports

Report Description

Threat Report

Displays information on the detected threats based on the Client, Site and timeframe selection.

Protection Report

Provides information on those Antivirus products an Antivirus Update Check is enabled for. Filter the results by Product, Client, Site and Device.

Quarantine Report

Show those threats currently in quarantine filtered by Client and Site.

Disk Encryption Manager Reports

Report Description
Disk Encryption Report Provides a graphical overview of Encryption Statuses and Encryption Enabled Vs Disabled by default. You can also opt to add Device and Volume details if required
Recovery Key Report Provides a list of ALL Recovery Keys and their associated Key ID / Protector ID / Recovery Key ID in one location. Usually produced should a customer leave but require their drives to remain encrypted along with the required Recovery Keys to unlock the devices.

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