Bitdefender Engine - Mac End-user Guide

Computers are increasingly interconnected and as the number of malicious software (malware) threats exponentially increases it is vital that each computer is secured by an antivirus program both to protect itself as well as any devices it connects to.

Managed by your network administrator, MAV-BD is a fully automated antivirus solution designed to protect your computer from all types of malware threats including viruses, spyware and Trojans.

MAV-BD has minimal impact on the performance of your computer and automatically makes the majority of security related decisions for you.

Protection configuration and management are performed remotely by your network administrator.

This document is designed to cover the options available for Managed Antivirus end-users. It focuses on those installations where the network administrator has enabled end-user access to the Managed Antivirus agent via the System Tray icon (to manually run on-demand scans and manage quarantined items) or has opted to display notifications when an action is performed (for example start scan, item blocked by active protection, virus signature database updated).

Click here to download a Word version of the Bitdefender Engine - Windows Agent User Guide.