Remote Background Management

There are some remote support and system administration tasks that do not need a full remote desktop connection when connecting to a Windows or Mac computer. For these scenarios, Remote Background Management provides a fast and flexible alternative. Access an emulated command line, control processes and services, perform registry actions and transfer files. Identify and resolve issues on a computer without disturbing the user and before they even know a problem exists.

When combined with proactive monitoring this provides a seamless and powerful maintenance experience.

Simply enable Remote Background Management for the target Windows and Mac computers. Then launch the Remote Background Management session directly from the Dashboard.

Two versions of Remote Background Management are currently available.

Advanced Edition (Windows and Mac) Standard Edition (Windows)

System Shell

  • CMD
  • PowerShell (Windows only)

Remote Command Line

  • CMD
File Transfer -

System Info

  • Dashboard
  • Processes
  • Network
  • Applications
  • Services

The following information is only available on Windows operating systems.

  • Drivers
  • Startup
  • Interactive User
  • Events
  • System Health
  • Windows Updates


Remote Process Control

Remote Service Control

Remote Registry (Windows only) -

Dashboard user access to this feature depends on their role's permissions.

New Dashboard accounts have Remote Background Management enabled by default.

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