Remote Service Control

Like the Windows Services Console. Remote Service Control returns a list of all services running on the remote device. Refreshed every five seconds, this list includes: a service summary section (with the facility to execute commands). Name, Description, Status, Startup Type as well as Log On As information.

Right-click on the service or go to the Service drop-down to select the required action. Press Exit button to close the session.

  • Identify bottlenecks or resource-hogs by sorting and filtering columns through their headers.
  • View Service Details. This section displays similar information to the native Service Control Manager dialog including the read-only Service name, Display name, Description and Path.
  • Under General you can:

    • Change the service Startup type (to Automatic, Manual or Disabled...)
    • Perform a Start, Stop, Pause or Resume action on the service. The Service status reflects the current state

  • The Dependencies tab lists the system components the selected service depends on (dependencies). Also the system components that depend on the service (dependents).

Differences may exist between the dependency information in the native Service Control Manager and Remote Service Control.

Remote Command Line

Service Control Manager


Displays only the top-level dependencies

Displays top-level and child dependencies


Displays all dependents, but not hierarchically

Displays all dependents hierarchically

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  • Manage services: Start / Stop / Pause / Resume / Restart

The dialog's footer displays an error message when there is a problem performing a service action.


  • Search Google, Bing or Yahoo for information on the highlighted process
  • Use header filters to sort the columns in ascending or descending order or apply a filter based on specific criteria for the selected column. In use filters are indicated by the funnel icon


The User Audit Report records all process actions as Remote Process Control. For example Remote Process Control: CLIENT, SITE, DEVICE - Process Killed: process.exe or Remote Process Control: CLIENT, SITE, DEVICE - Process Tree Killed: process.exe

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