Display Devices Running Remote Background Management

The Dashboard displays Remote Background Management's current state in the North-pane, Summary tab and Device Inventory Report. The available states are: Pending, Active, Installation Failed.


The rbm_icon column returns the current Remote Background Management status for all devices in the North-pane selection.

To display this column (if deselected).

  1. Click Columns above the North-pane
  2. Tick the box against Remote Background to enable


Summary tab

The Device's Summary tab shows Remote Background Management's current status.

  1. Select the device in the North-pane
  2. Go to its Summary tab

Device Inventory Report tab

The Report returns monitoring details for the selected devices including their Remote Background Management state.

  1. Go to Reports > Device Inventory Report
  2. Filter by Clients, Sites and Devices

Ensure the selected Columns include Remote Background


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