Display Devices Running Remote Background Management

The Dashboard displays Remote Background Management's current state in the north pane, Summary tab and Device Inventory Report. The available states are: Pending, Active, Installation Failed.

North Pane

The rbm_icon column returns the current Remote Background Management status for all devices in the north pane selection.

To display this column (if deselected).

  1. Click Columns above the north pane
  2. Tick the box against Remote Background to enable


Summary tab

The Device's Summary tab shows Remote Background Management's current status.

  1. Select the device in the north pane
  2. Go to its Summary tab

Device Inventory Report tab

The Report returns monitoring details for the selected devices including their Remote Background Management state.

  1. Go to Reports > Device Inventory Report
  2. Filter by Clients, Sites and Devices

Ensure the selected Columns include Remote Background


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