Automated Tasks

Automated Tasks are supported from Windows Agent 8.1, Mac Agent 2.3.0 and Linux Agent 2.

Automated Tasks for servers and workstations enables you to safely run preventative maintenance tasks (scripts) such as defragmenting disks, clearing out event logs, clearing out temporary files and custom scripts on individual or multiple servers and workstations either on a schedule you choose or when a check fails, all from the All Devices view.

You can monitor the progress of each task on each server or workstation, and you can view task results in the All Devices view.

You can use the System Automated Tasks or you can add your own custom scripts to the All Devices view through Script Manager. You can then apply these Automated Tasks on Windows, Linux and Mac computers from the All Devices view. You can also manage Automated Tasks using Monitoring templates.

The following sections cover:

To managed Automated Tasks, log into N-sight RMM as a user with enhanced permissions (Access Key, Superuser...) or a login with the required Automated Tasks permissions enabled

Run an Automated Task when a Check fails

You set up Automated Tasks to run when a check fails when you add or edit a task or a check. For example, you can have an automated task automatically deal with the cause of a check failure such as running a Clean All Temp Files Task when the Disk Space Check fails. For more information, see Run an Automated Task when a check fails.

In addition to the script failure condition, an Automated Task also fails where the targeted component is not present on the device. For example, running a defrag task for drive X: where the device only has a C: and D: drive.