Clean-Up (Windows)

Clean Temp Files

Script Type: VBScript

The Clean Temp Files Automated Task is designed to maximize the available drive space on the device by removing unwanted temporary files and logs.

Simply select the required items in the Task dialog or choose All.

Script Parameters - Clean-up Actions


User Temp Files

User Cookies

User Recent History

User IE History

User IE Temp Files

User Office Recent History

User Java Cache

User Flash Cache

User Terminal Server Cache

System Temp Files

System Log Files

System IIS Log Files

Clear Event Log

Script Type: VBScript

The Clear Event Log Automated Task deletes all entries in the selected Windows Event Logs, removing obsolete entries, preventing slow writing to and reading from the Event Logs as well as freeing up space on the target machine.


Standard Event Logs:






Custom Event Log:

Selectable from the drop-down


Script Type: VBScript

The Defrag Automated Task uses the Operating System’s disk defragmentation utility to defragment the selected drive to maximize disk space and prevent degradation in system performance.

When adding an Automated Task on an individual server or workstation, any drive is selectable from the Drive drop-down.



Selectable from the drop-down


Forces the defragmentation of the selected volume regardless of the available space on the disk