Antivirus (Windows)


Script Type: VBScript

This Automated Task performs a number of common actions using Malwarebytes command line options. It is important to note that problems will only be removed where a Repair option is selected.


Please Select Malwarebytes Mode:

Update Only


Scan Only


Scan and Repair


Update and Scan


Scan, Update and Repair


In order for the Automated Task to run correctly a registered (purchased) copy of Malwarebytes must be installed.

Please be aware that "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2 does not support any command line options. This feature will be added back in a future release." From Malwarebytes Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions: Program Information. As such where Malwarebytes version 2 is installed on the device the script (which utilizes these command line options) will fail.

Managed Antivirus - Network Connectivity

Script Type: VBScript

This Automated Tasks is designed to help troubleshoot potential Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) communication issues by checking whether the device can reach the URLs of the download servers.

The Automated Task may be applied where the device's Summary tab reports Manual Action Required - Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) Installation failed - check network connectivity;or as a precautionary measure prior to the installation of Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) to ensure that the download server URLs are reachable from the target device.

The Output column for the Automated Task will display OK (all URLs were successfully queried) or Unreachable (problems were experienced connecting with the URLs). Click in the Output column summary link to open the More Information dialog listing the queried URL and its response code.

Sophos Definition Update

Script Type: VBScript

This Automated Tasks calls Sophos to update its definition files, passing where the update is successful. Where unsuccessful - or Sophos cannot be found on the target machine - the Automated Task is reported as failed.

The Sophos Definition Update Automated Task may be used in conjunction with the Sophos Antivirus Update Check (On Check Failure) to trigger a definition update where the Check fails (definition files are out-of-date).

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