View Automated Tasks and their Results on the Dashboard

The Automated Tasks results are available in the Tasks tab of the Dashboard as well as the Automated Task Report.

  1. Highlight the device in the North-pane
  2. Go to Tasks
  3. View the Task summary in the Output column
  4. Click on the Task's Output column link to display Details from the Task the last time it ran along with its run-time History
  5. Details: This includes information on the Task's state (started, stopped etc), the Date of last state change and a Summary of the task results. Depending on the script, this may contain detailed information (up to 255 characters) from the Task or just that the Task ran

    History:  Displays a history of the start and stop times of the Automated Task. Clicking on one of these times populates the Details section with information from the selected Task Event.

  6. Close to exit out of the More Information dialog