Wall Chart

The Wall Chart provides an at a glance overview of any server or workstation problems reported on the N-sight RMM Dashboard.


To open the Wall Chart go to View > Wall Chart or click Wall Chart in the Vertical menu.

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Wall Chart Information

The following details are displayed on the Wall Chart.

Column Content
Operating System Windows windows_icon Linux linux_iconMacosx_icon
Device Type Server server_icon,Desktop workstation_icon  or Laptop laptop_icon
Client, Site and Device name Entity name
Failed Check or Automated Task Indicated by a red exclamation box under the appropriate icon, hovering over the icon to display the check name. The Total Problems for each check or Automated Task is reported at the bottom of the Wall Chart.
Overdue Server Where a server has failed to report back to the Dashboard the background of the Last Response is changed to red to highlight the server as overdue.
Offline If a device has undergone a graceful shutdown it is reported as offline with a gray Last Response background.
Reboot It may be necessary for the device to restart, for example to complete a patch remediation or as part of the Managed Antivirus installation, and this is indicated in the Reboot column.
Feature columns The status of Take Control or Backup & Recovery - active, pending, failed or the feature is not available for the installed Agent version.
Last Response When the Dashboard last received data from the Agent
Last Boot Time The time since the machine last started.

The overall number of servers and workstations experiencing problems against the monitored devices, any PSA errors as well as the time of the last Wall Chart update are displayed in the top right.

Wall Chart Indicator Behavior


To make the user aware of a Check failure on a device which was previously in the passed state a notification sound is played when a Check fails and the device appears on the Wall Chart. Where a Check fails on a device that is already on the Wall Chart a notification sound is not played.


Regardless of whether the device is already on the Dashboard, when the Check fails the device is highlighted against a bright pink background for the first interval - as an enhanced visual indicator that a problem has occurred - this background color then changes to a faded pink for the next 119 intervals and if the Check is still in the failed state at this point the background fades.


To order the information contained in the Report simply click the appropriate column heading, but please note once the Wall Chart refreshes this ordering will be lost.

Configuration Options

There are various Wall Chart configuration options which are covered in the section: Change the Wall Chart Settings as well as the capability to launch a Take Control session directly from the Wall Chart.


Any changes made to the column widths on the Wall Chart are retained and applied the next time you login.


If using a dedicated Dashboard computer to display the Wallchart, for example on a wall-mounted monitor, we suggest taking the security precaution of creating a specific Wallchart user with limited permissions and IP restrictions enabled.

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