Dashboard Security

There are a number of security features available for the Dashboard including:

Security feature Description
Two-Factor Authentication Enter the username, password and authenticator security code to login
IP Addresses Restriction Require verification for logins from new IP addresses or only allow access from specific IP addresses
Disable or Enable Agent Key user Dashboard access Prevent the Agent Key (contained in the registration email) accessing the Dashboard and easily manage each staff user from Settings > Users
Session Timeout Automatically ends the session where the user has been inactive for the specified timeout period

Lockout Mechanism

N-sight RMM has a lockout mechanism to help prevent brute force attacks.

The lockout comes into effect after fifty consecutive login failures with the user and IP address blocked for a five minute period. The account is automatically unblocked after five minutes of complete inactivity for that user and from that IP address.

If a lockout period is triggered, we recommend you cease activity for 10 minutes and then retry accessing the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

HTTPS Redirects

For additional security, when you access the N-sight RMM Dashboard over HTTP the you automatically redirected to HTTPS (unless using a custom dashboard.domain.name URL).