Session Timeout

To reduce the risk of unauthorized access to unattended computers, you can configure Session Timeout. Session Timeout automatically ends the current session if a user is inactive longer than the specified timeout period or closes all of their browser tabs.

When a session ends, the user must log in to N-sight RMM again.

To configure Session Timeout:

  1. Log into N-sight RMM using an account with Users permissions enabled
  2. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings > Security
  3. Choose the threshold from the Session timeout after drop-down menu

  4. Click OK to save
  5. The Session Timeout setting is applied the next time users reload the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

N-sight RMM displays a Session Timeout warning message thirty seconds before the timeout period is breached. To continue the session, the user can click Cancel, otherwise the session automatically ends.