IP Address Restriction

To prevent unauthorized N-sight RMM access, there are two IP Address Restriction options:

If a user accesses N-sight RMM from a verified IP address and Two-Factor Authentication is enabled at the account or user level, the configurable option to Allow use of remote access features with IP address verification allows the user to establish a remote session from the N-sight RMM Dashboard (using Take Control or Remote Background Management) without additional security code authentication.

All changes to the IP Address Restriction settings are recorded as Dashboard Security events in the User Audit Report.

Auto-detect new IP addresses during login and approve with email verification

If a user attempts to access N-sight RMM from a new unknown IP address, a verification email is sent to their username (email address) requiring validation of their username before they can log in.

The verification link in the email expires after 2 hours. If the link expires, the user must repeat the login process to generate a new verification email.

Once verified, the IP address range is automatically added to our approved list and any users accessing N-sight RMM from this authorized range do not go through the email verification process.

For example, if someone attempts to log in from the new IP address, they receive a verification email. Once verified, we automatically add the range covering through to our list. If a login request comes in later from, the user can log directly into N-sight RMM without verifying this specific address.

Two-Factor Authentication

As Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is activated for all users, the IP address verification step occurs before the 2FA security code prompt.

If a user logs in to N-sight RMM from a new IP address to setup 2FA, then the IP address is automatically added to the approved list as part of the verification process for 2FA.

As this security feature requires the user to verify their username (email address), ensure all usernames in the system are active and valid email addresses.

Restrict Dashboard access by IP address

When you select the option to Restrict Dashboard access by IP address, N-sight RMM prevents access from IP addresses not on the Approved IP Addresses list.

Each IP address in the Approved IP Addresses list includes the date and time it was added, the date and time it was last accessed , and the username of who had last access. Using this information you can identify IP address usage and take any required action. For example, you may want to remove IP addresses that are not used in the last 6 months.

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