User Chat

User Chat enables you to connect with a customer directly using a two-way chat, without having to start an active remote-control session.

User Chat supports Windows devices.

You can have multiple chat windows open at the same time, and all User Chat sessions are logged as Two-Way Chat events in the User Audit Report.

User Chat is enabled in the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane Servers, Workstations, and Mixed tabs when:

  • You are logged into the N-sight RMM Dashboard as a user with the User Chat permission allowed in Roles and Permissions
  • The target customer device has Take Control or Remote Background Management installed

Roles and Permissions

By default, User Chat is enabled for the Superuser, Administrator, and Standard user roles. It is not enabled by default for the Client user role.

If you want to hide User Chat from one or more users, you can create a custom user role and deny the User Chat option under Features in the Roles and Permissions dialog and then assign users to that role. You can also allow User Chat for a Client role based on the Client default system role. For more information, see Create a Custom Role and Custom Role Permissions.

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