Chat with customers outside a support session

User Chat supports Windows devices.

To connect with a customer directly using a two-way chat, without having to start an active remote-control session:

You must be logged into the N-sight RMM Dashboard as a user with the User Chat permission allowed in Roles and permissions

The target customer device must have Take Control or Remote Background Management installed.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to the North-pane Servers, Workstations, or Mixed tab
  2. Right-click the target device and select Chat

    A chat window from your browser opens with message, "chat request sent". A pop up window displays on the target device with message, “The technician wants to start a chat session with you through Take Control. Do you want to accepted?"

  3. When the user accepts the chat session, a chat window opens where you can type your message and then click Send to begin chatting with your customer

For more information, see User Chat.