Client-Facing Notes Reports

In addition to viewing Notes via the Client's Dashboard, there is also the option to send the notes to the customer Daily, Weekly or Monthly via the Client-Facing Notes Report.

These Reports contain all of the Client Notes recorded for the specified Client over the selected time period and are configured via:

  1. Settings
  2. Client Reports
  3. Notes Report Settings
  4. Enable the Report for the Client
  5. Enter the Mail to and Cc to email address
  6. Select generation frequency from the Send at drop-down menu:
    1. Daily, 5pm

      Weekly, Fri, 5pm

      Monthly, Last Day, 5pm

  7. Choose the Device Type:
    1. Server


      Server and Workstation

  8. OK to save and apply

Please note, the Client-Facing Notes Report are ONLY sent when Client Notes were added within the Report time-period: last day, week or month respectively. Where no Client Notes exist for the Report's time-period, the Report will NOT be sent (regardless of whether there are Technical Notes for that time period).

All the Dashboard Notes, both Client-Facing and Technical, can be viewed in the Dashboard Notes Report.