Take Control

Take Control is fully compatible with Windows 11. For more information, see our Blog Post.

Take Control provides a seamless and secure maintenance experience that enables you to connect to Windows and Mac computers directly from the Dashboard. After you install and enable Take Control on your devices, you can initiate a Take Control session directly from the Dashboard.

Take Control must be installed on the following devices:

  • Take Control host—installed on the device requiring assistance
  • Take Control viewer—installed on the device providing assistance

Take Control engines

You can choose between two types of Take Control engines:

  • Take Control (N-able)
  • Take Control (TeamViewer)

To connect to a remote device, the Take Control viewer must match the Take Control engine installed on the Take Control host. For example, if the device requiring assistance(host) uses the Take Control (N-able) engine, the device providing assistance (viewer) must use the Take Control (N-able) engine.

For more information and a comparison of the two engines, see Take Control Engines.

To continue using TeamViewer in N-sight RMM after October 1, 2021, partners must update all devices using TeamViewer (through Take Control or standalone) to Windows Agent v10.11.1 or later, or Mac Agent 3.6.0 or later, which support TeamViewer versions from 15.9. The previous TeamViewer integration is deprecated.

TeamViewer version 15.9 introduced the following changes:
- Upgraded connections so the .TVC file is no longer required to initiate a session from the Dashboard
- Support for a new TeamViewer REST API
- The TeamViewer standalone integration only supports unattended connections when the TeamViewer host is commercially licensed.

Using Take Control

To connect to any monitored Windows server, or Windows and Mac workstation, using Take Control, follow these tasks:

Additional information:

For information about the Operating Systems supported by Take Control, see Take Control Requirements and Permissions.