Take Control Engines

You can choose between two types of Take Control engines:

  • Take Control (N-able) — You can connect to Windows or Mac devices from either a Windows or Mac computer
  • Take Control (TeamViewer) — You an connect to Windows or Mac devices from a Windows computer only

For a successful connection, the Take Control viewer installed on the device providing assistance must match the Take Control engine enabled on the device requiring assistance. For example, if the device requiring assistance uses the Take Control (N-able) engine, the device providing assistance must use the Take Control (N-able) viewer.

Feature Comparison

The following table provides an at-a-glance comparison of the features and functions available for the Take Control (N-able) and Take Control (TeamViewer) engines.

  Feature Take Control (N-able) Take Control (TeamViewer)
View Screen Size Yes Yes
Color Yes Yes
Bandwidth Optimization Yes Yes
Terminal Session Yes Yes
Show Remote Cursor Yes No
View Only Yes No
Full Screen Yes Yes
Resizeable Menu Yes No
Refresh Image Yes Yes
Commands Send CTRL-ALT-DEL Yes Yes
Windows 8 Commands Yes Yes
Block Remote Keyboard And Mouse Yes Yes
Lock PC Yes Yes
Interactions Laser Pointer Yes No
Disable Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts Yes Yes
Start Recording Video Yes Yes
Take Screenshot Yes Yes
Copy Paste Options Including Send And Get Yes No
Emergency Reboot Yes No
Restart And Shutdown Yes No
Remote Print Yes Yes
Quick Dashboard OS Yes Yes
CPU Yes Yes
RAM Yes Yes
Network Yes Yes
Disk Space Yes Yes
Actions Chat Yes Yes
File Transfer Yes Yes
Drag & Drop File Transfer Yes Yes
Window Frame Information (Viewer) Response Time Yes No
Fit Screen Yes No
DL Yes No
UL Yes No
Gateway Yes No
Attended Remote Control No Yes
Separate Service Yes Yes
Advanced Use RDP Yes No
Port Forward Yes No
Other / Misc Host / Viewer Co-existence? Yes No
Password Protect System Tray N/A Yes
Require User Confirmation Yes Yes
Permit Connection To Login screen Yes Yes
TeamViewer App Install N/A Yes
Switch Sides No Yes
Audio Call Yes Yes
Video & Audio Calling Yes Yes
Annotate No Yes
Tabbed Sessions No Yes
Lock On Session End Yes Yes
Invite Additional Participants No
In-app Feedback To Vendor No Yes
Downstream Language Config Yes No
Configurable Visual Indicator Yes No
Configurable Authentication Yes No
Limit Image Capture Yes No
P2P Preferential Config Option Yes No
Passportal Integration (Windows) Yes No