Enable Take Control

Take Control is based on policies that control end user interaction, and contain connection performance and security settings. By default, servers and workstations inherit Take Control policies from their parent site, which in turn inherits policies from the client it is registered under, which inherits policies set for all servers and workstations. Global Policies are not applied if Take Control is enabled at the device level.

You can enable Take Control at the following levels:

  • all Servers and Workstations
  • servers and workstations at specified Clients and Sites
  • individual device

All devices, Clients and Devices

To enable Take Control on all Servers and Workstations, or to enable it on servers and workstations at specific Clients or Sites:

  1. Go to Settings > Take Control > Settings
  2. Select On or Use Parent (where User Parent: On)
  3. Choose the Take Control engine, N-able or TeamViewer

    msp_anywhere_icon indicates the N-able engine and tv_icon indicates the TeamViewer engine.

  4. Select the Policy
  5. Click OK to save
  6. take_control_drop_policy take_control_policy_editor_engine

Feature status indicators (colored dots) in the Settings dialog indicate if the feature is enabled or disabled at the entity level, and whether devices under an entity have the same settings:

  • Green - Feature or functionality enabled for all devices under that entity. This includes device level settings
  • Grey - Feature or functionality disabled on at least one device under that entity. This includes device level settings
  • Orange – One of the child entities has a different configuration to the parent. Where a Client only has one Site, its status indicator reflects that of the Site.

For more information on these states, see Feature and Functionality Settings Icons.

Individual Devices

To enable Take Control on an individual device:

  1. Right-click the target device (or from the Server, Workstation or Device drop-down)
  2. Select Edit <device type>
  3. Remote Access
  4. Select On or Use Policy (where Use Policy: On)
  5. Choose the Take Control engine, N-able or TeamViewer
  6. Select the Policy
  7. Click OK to save
  8. take_control_policy_device_engine

Take Control Engine Selection

The option to select the Take Control engine (N-able or TeamViewer) is supported for the Windows Agent and the Mac Agent starting with version 2.1.0.

Earlier Agent versions will default to Take Control (TeamViewer) regardless of the engine selection setting.

Take Control (TeamViewer) on Mac Virtual Machines Permit connection to login screen

Please be aware that the Take Control session may hang after entering the password in a locked Mac Virtual Machine's login screen where the Take Control Configuration option Permit connection to login screen is enabled.

When enabling Take Control use rerun Checks to initiate the installation process outside of the Check cycle.