Active Directory Users Report

The Active Directory Automated Task deployed either at the Site or Device level retrieves a list of users, including those who have been recently added, modified or deleted in Active Directory.

A summary of the number of users catalogued and their status is displayed in the Automated Task's More Information section in the Dashboard's Tasks south pane, with more detailed information available through this Active Directory Users Report. This report is available in an HTML or CSV format with the option to extract the data via an List Active Directory Users API call.

The information available in the report depends on the fields selected in the Automated Task, and whether they are supported by the report.

How to view the Active Directory Users Report:

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Active Directory Users Report
  3. Choose the target Client and Site
  4. Click Generate to view the report in a browser, or CSV Export to download the CSV version


HTML Report

Filter the information displayed in the HTML version of the report using the Columns drop-down which lists the supported fields for the report.

Hovering over the Obj-Dist-Name field (where selected) provides additional information.

HTML Report Export Options

Once generated the HTML version of the report contains two export options.

  • CSV Export: saves all of the filtered informatio including any hidden columns as a CSV file.

  • Print: prints the current report view excluding any hidden columns. The available print options depend on the configuration of the device the report is viewed on.


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