Client Groups

To simplify the management of resources support organizations will generally assign each customer to a specific technician or team (Staff user), or may wish to provide the customer with visibility of their own portion of the Dashboard (Client user), and to match this configuration we have introduced the facility to create Client Groups via the Settings menu then assign a Client Group against the Dashboard users in Settings > Users > User Accounts.

New Clients are automatically added to the All Clients Group.

Staff Users

Once allocated a Client Group, the Staff user only has access and visibility to the Dashboard for those customers who are member of that specific group. This targeted Monitoring and Management Dashboard view of their area of responsibility ensures that users can focus on their Clients and reduces the noise generated by clients outside of the group.

As the Staff user only has access to their Clients, any multi-device changes made by the user (for example enabling a feature) will only affect those customers who are in the group, rather than all clients.

There is no limit on the number of Clients that are added to a group, either as a maximum or minimum figure, and one Client may be a member of many Client Groups.. For example a group can be created which includes only one Client or a group with all but one Client.

Client Users

In addition to staff users, Dashboard 6 introduced the facility to add multiple Client level users via the Settings > Users > User Accounts dialog and assign a system or custom role as well as group, this option is in addition to the single user Edit Client > Dashboard Access dialog that defaults to the Client (Classic) role (and is still available).

Due to the intended use of the Client login, to allow customers to view only their portion of the Dashboard, we would suggest setting up single customer Client Group. These can then be assigned against the specific user when configuring their Client access in the User Accounts dialog. This ensures that the Client only has visibility of their own devices and cannot view other customer's machines. We also suggest using a role based on the 'Client' system role and restrict access with an appropriate Client Group.

Please be aware that from Dashboard 6.14 the Asset Tracking section and all Dashboard Reports (apart from the account wide User Audit Report and Remote Support Report) are Client Group aware. From this release users will only see Assets and Dashboard Reports that are specific to their assigned Clients; for example when selecting All Clients from a Report drop-down, this will only return the Reports for their Client Group.

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