Linux server checks

This section covers the 24x7 Checks and Daily Safety Checks available for the Linux Agent.

Linux servers often run the most critical applications. Proactive monitoring leads to increased uptime and faster fault resolution. The Linux Agent adds monitoring, alerting and reporting on the status of the Linux servers to the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

24x7 Checks Daily Safety Checks
Bandwidth Monitoring Check Antivirus Update Check
File System Space Check Backup Check
Linux Daemon Check Failed Login Check
Log File Check File System Space Change Check
Performance Monitoring Check Log File Check
PING Check MTA Queue Check
Process Check MySQL Check
Script Check Package Management Check
SNMP Check Physical Disk Health Check
TCP Service Check Physical Memory Health Check
Web Page Check Script Check

Run an Automated Task when a check fails

You set up Automated Tasks to run when a check fails when you add or edit a task or a check. For example, you can have an automated task automatically deal with the cause of a check failure such as running a Clean All Temp Files Task when the Disk Space Check fails. For more information, see Run an Automated Task when a check fails.

The selected Automated Task only runs when a passing check fails and creates an entry in the Outages tab. The Automated Task does not continually run when a check is in the failed state—the check must first pass, then fail again before the Automated Task is triggered.