Bandwidth Monitoring Check

Understanding network bandwidth usage is a key factor in optimizing network design for maximum efficiency and planning for its development. Therefore, we have developed Bandwidth Monitoring, which can be used to monitor any physical network interface (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet) or virtual network interface on any SNMP managed device (switch, router, printer or even a server with appropriate SNMP software installed).

Bandwidth Monitoring can be used to identify any network bottlenecks and which devices are hogging available network bandwidth. Resolving network bottlenecks can lead to a superior quality of service for your customers due to reduced network response times as well as helping to minimize costs as hardware and bandwidth provision can be matched to actual requirements. Alternatively, this may provide the opportunity to sell new hardware and increased bandwidth to meet requirements.

The Agent will query the SNMP managed device every five minutes. The volume of data transmitted and received is averaged over the last fifteen minutes and then displayed in the dashboard. When the volume of data transmitted or received over the last fifteen minutes exceeds the set threshold, configurable in the Agent, then an alert will be generated.

Bandwidth Monitoring check failures are indicated in the Dashboard North-pane under the performance_monitoring_icon icon and information on the particular check that failed is displayed in the lower pane.

The Bandwidth Monitoring Gauge displaying the current status of the check is accessed through the clickable information line for the specific check.


The Performance and Bandwidth Monitoring History Reports show the results of Performance Monitoring or Bandwidth Monitoring checks, on an individual server, over the last 24 hours and 8 day.

The number of consecutive failures before an alert is sent is configured in the Dashboard and this suppression may be applied globally across the client base as well as for each individual server. For further information please refer to Performance Monitoring and Bandwidth Monitoring Alert Suppression.

Techniques to utilize the check are discussed in the Bandwidth Monitoring Strategies section with configuration of the Check itself available from How to get Bandwidth Monitoring up and running