N-sight RMM Console Release Notes

To ensure an optimal experience, we regularly release new Console (user interface) versions. However, these Release Notes only list versions that include customer-facing changes.




  • Added support for Hornetsecurity in the Backup Check. Windows Agent v10.13.8 required.


  • UPDATE: Microsoft Security Center option added in the Antivirus Update Check
  • UPDATE: Automated Tasks now run in near real time
  • UPDATE: Improved time zone handling for reboots
  • UPDATE: Usability improvement to Outage History
  • UPDATE: Easier access to Cove Data Protection (Cove) in Product bar


  • UPDATE: Added new Resource Center in the Product bar


  • BUGFIX: Removed the redundant links to eventid.net from the Critical Events Check


  • FEATURE: Patch Management auto-approval rules using Microsoft patch classifications
  • FEATURE: Granular Patch Management auto-approval rules for 3rd party patching
  • FEATURE: A new classifications filter for the Patch Management workflow
  • FEATURE: A new classifications column for the Patch Management patches tab in south pane
  • BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting loading of Backup Integrity Report
  • BUGFIX: Update to Patch Management sorting order of saved policies


  • UPDATE: You can specify which Windows Service Checks are added to new devices when you use the New Device Installation Settings option with Monitoring Templates.

  • UPDATE: Patch Management Engine v2.8 GA


  • UPDATE: Editing a Take Control policy now prompts for the dashboard password

  • BUGFIX (RMM-50240): Resolve issue affecting Edit and Add Checks Like This

  • BUGFIX (RMM-50127): Resolve issue affecting saving of column layout in north pan


  • UPDATE: Web Protection infrastructure improvements focused on network performance
  • BUGFIX (RMM-48836) – Fixes an issue with “Edit Checks Like This” alert settings, so the changes are reflected immediately in the South Pane Checks grid
  • BUGFIX (RMM-45850) – Resolve issue affecting Vipre for Business detection in the Antivirus Update Check
  • BUGFIX (RMM-49483) – Resolve issue affecting Mobile Device Inventory Report>

Automation Manager v2.50.1

  • BUGFIX (AM-2730) – Resolve issue so that Install Software from FTP allows SFTP connections
  • BUGFIX (AM-2927) – Resolve issue with object ‘Reboot Prompt’ to initiate reboot when exceeding the delay time
  • BUGFIX (AM-2915) – Resolve error – “Exception encountered System.InvalidOperationException”
  • BUGFIX (AM-2809) – Resolve error – “Exception encountered System.Runtime.Serialization. SerializationException: Type ‘PolicyExecution”
  • BUGFIX (AM-2855) – Fixed issue with Office365 Create Distribution Group object
  • BUGFIX (AM-2987) – Resolve issue causing ScriptRunner agent to cause CPU spikes


  • FEATURE: Multi-tenancy support for Apple Push Certificates

  • UPDATE: Added Linux agent option to the Add Device wizard

  • UPDATE: Remote Background Management (RBM) interactive command prompt for CMD and PowerShell (Viewer v7.00.36)

  • UPDATE: RBM ability to change user context when using remote commands (Viewer v7.00.36)

  • BUGFIX: Take Control (TC)/RBM - Resolve issue whereby in some cases the end user was not able to see the chat box (Agent v7.00.36)

  • BUGFIX: TC/RBM - Resolve issue on some session starts to show the permission prompt (Agent v7.00.36)

  • BUGFIX: Resolved issue where a Laptop was showing as a desktop in the XML dump


  • FEATURE: N-sight launch with new ‘quick links’ in the product bar

  • FEATURE: Option to synchronize users between Take Control and RMM (Take Control setting)

  • FEATURE: Two-way live user chat for technicians

  • UPDATE: Support for ‘quick links’ in Roles & Permissions

  • UPDATE: The Executive Summary report Health Score Antivirus count now includes devices using standalone EDR

  • BUGFIX: Backup Documents issue resolved preventing it from being enabled when Professional backup mode was previously enabled