Configure the default alert policy

Use the default alert policy to configure the default alerting behavior for all of your devices for new checks and existing checks.

The following icons are used to represent the alert types:

Icon Description
Outage Email Alert
Recovery Email Alert
Outage SMS Alert
Recovery SMS Alert

To configure the default alerting behavior for all new and existing checks:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to SettingsAlertsAlert Policy
  2. Click Server Alerts or Workstation Alerts to list all available Checks based on Operating System and frequency

  3. Enable or disable the Alert type boxes for the Checks to configure the alerting behavior for newly added Checks

    When configured, these settings only apply to newly installed devices and Checks.

  4. To roll these default configurations out to existing devices and Checks, replace their current settings:
    1. Enable the tickbox under the Update column against the required Check
    2. Click Apply to change the alerting behavior
  5. Click OK to save and exit